Tired of Driving, Take the Train!

Developers have unveiled plans for a new light rail system connecting Orange and Durham counties (with Wake still working out details given the complexity of adding the capital county). The project is quoted to be complete in the next 10 years, with 15 planned stops between the major hospitals in the two initial counties.

Major urban centers around the country (and the world) enjoy similar light-rail train systems as a means of mass public transport already, this will be the first of it’s scale in North Carolina. As any commuter already knows, I-40’s path through the Triangle is regularly congested at the “rush” hours during the week and this plan will give residents a chance to avoid the hassles of sitting in daily traffic. 

What do you all think of the move to expand public transportation systems in North Carolina (or the country in general)? Would you pass up your car keys for a transit pass on your daily commute? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter/Facebook. Not everything real estate is in a house after all.

Check out the WRAL news article on the plan here: http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/11059619/

Temperatures Heating Up, Time to Cool Down the Energy Bills

The weather in North Carolina is showing it’s usual near bipolar levels of change, bouncing from 50s and rain to 90+ with lots of sun in a matter of days all as just the beginning of this year’s change in seasons. Along with this swinging weather pattern, energy bills are on every home owners minds. The transition from heating to cooling was a quick one and with a few of these easy (and even sometimes FREE) tips, we’d like to help make it an Energy Efficient one too!

Now when people think of “Energy Efficient” they think “going Green” which almost always translates to “spending money” on a home. This can be true but there are ways to increase the efficency of your home’s energy usage without breaking the bank in the process.

Start by closing doors to unused rooms inside thereby reducing the amount of work your heat/cooling systems need to make the rooms you ARE in comfortable. Also consider closing the blinds (in the summer) and opening them (in the winter) to help keep solar-heat transfer at a minimum in your home. Next, think about unplugging unused appliances as even a TV that’s off can draw nearly as much energy as one running full time!

For a smaller budget consider “draft doggies” for interior doors to cut down on heat loss throughout the house. Maybe look around for window film to coat your windows, insulating them against heat transfer into or out of the house. Another great suggestion is to wrap your hot water heater in an insulated blanket, increasing the unit’s efficiency.

There are many and more ways you could take creating a more energy efficient home ranging from free to thousands of dollar investments but all of them will do one thing: save you money in the end. Check out this article for more on what you can do today to help “green-up” your home and maybe stash away a little extra cash to enjoy the great weather we’ve got in store!


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Customer Service!

As top producing real estate agents in the Raleigh Triangle area for nearly 20 years, customer service has been our most defining motivation. We’ve helped hundreds of families find new homes that they could call their own and have always done so with a smile and a kind word, not a smirk and a shady deal. It is because of that level of commitment that we’ve prospered and found success in an industry that many experts have heralded as showing nearly Great Depression level lows in recent years. Some, neigh many of our peers have felt the grip of the country’s troubles as have our clients but through it all, it was those we serve that came first.

In short, thank you for making what we do matter as we strive every day to help at least one more family find a place to call home.